Guinea: a new large company approved in the Republic of Guinea, A&M of event GUINEA SA.

A&M Event Guinea SA is a complex company based on construction thanks to its competence, flexibility and knowledge helping the development of countries.

A&M Event is a US-based company represented in 16 countries. It began its implementation efforts in Guinea in 2019. It finances mega State projects, especially in the field of construction of mining infrastructure (gold, diamonds, boxes and iron).

The investment that this company intends to make in Guinea varies between 20 billion and 100 billion dollars. In the primary memorandum of understanding of the company A&M SA in Guinea is to build a high standard airport in Maferenyah and construction of the Conakry Bamako-Bourkina-Sieraleone railway interconnection. Their project also includes the construction of 100 schools. A process for implementing all these projects is currently being negotiated with the Guinean authorities to trigger the work.

In an exclusive interview given to the media this Saturday March 16, 2024, the representative of the A&M guinea SA event company in Guinea, Mohamed sais Touré said that they are ready to show their competence to the State, 《We will start to First of all, to thank the Guinean government which agreed to give approval to this company, because you know everything is inevitable.

《This company is based in the United States of America and operates in 16 countries around the world. This is a new opportunity for Guinea. For its installation in Guinea, it began the process in 2019. It is a global strategic company which has a policy called Infrastructures against Mines. That is to say, it finances mega state projects and in return mining concessions (Bauxite, Gold, Diamond, etc.). Guinea is a very rich country and we have a lot of things to develop. This is why this company has engaged real policies to help Guinea. It plans to make enormous investments which vary between 20 and 100 billion US dollars. Everything will depend on the projects that the State will submit to us. What remains clear is that it is a very experienced and credible company. In 2020, it signed a US$20 billion deal in Congo. With this in mind, many projects are cited.

This involves the construction of a railway and the development of agriculture. These are the kinds of projects that we also want for Guinea. In our portfolio, we have if all goes well, the Construction of the Maferinyah International Airport, we also want to finance the construction of the Conakry-Bamako-Burkina Faso railway but also towards Sierra Leone, the Construction of 100 schools in across the country. We will also build an investment and development bank because we do not have an investment bank in the country. For entrepreneurs, obtaining loans from local banks is quite an ordeal. This bank will finance mining projects, agro-business projects and any other project that can facilitate the employability of young people since the government wants young people to be autonomous. We are currently taking steps to obtain these different projects. Currently, we are in the installation phase. After this stage, in collusion with the government, we will begin the financing phase of these projects that we have just mentioned. We were also told about construction projects of 20 thousand and 50 thousand housing units that we are capable of financing. We aim to build a bauxite and gold refinery plant but also a port. We thank the Guinean authorities who agreed to give approval to A&M Developement Guinea SA which is willing to support the government to get Guinea out of the rut. Today, when you take the construction of the railway, it is a project that will employ thousands of people (between 3,000 and 10,000) – the construction of the Maferinyah international airport will generate between 2,000 and 10,000 jobs. , the construction of 100 schools will greatly help entrepreneurs.

The government’s policy is to support entrepreneurs in different regions. Our company is committed to financing these government flagship projects. Our company also specializes in the construction of hydroelectric dams, ports, roads, hospitals but also in agriculture and livestock. In short, it is a company that can help the country’s economic takeoff. We thank the President of the Republic, General Mamadi Doumbouya and the government. We tell them that we are willing to support them in the development of these projects mentioned above. This is an opportunity for Guinea to seize. I also thank Dr. Sadeck Khaled, CEO of A&M Developement Group-LLC USA for the choice of my modest person to represent the A&M Developement Guinea SA Company here.

Moussa Impérial Camara

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